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Simplify Your Embedded Development

Focus on your end product, not on reinventing the wheel. Streamline deployment, update and telemetry workflows, while remaining compliant. The Hivetop Ecosystem boosts you and your team's productivity straight out-of-the box.

Fast Deploy Overview

Fast Deploy

Get your device booted and your application deployed faster than you're used to.

  • Choose Your Device Group and Get Your Linked Image
  • Boot Your Device and it Appears in the UI
  • Connections are Streamlined and Secure
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Manage Your Devices Through the Cloud

Scaling to large numbers of devices is tricky, so we integrated fleet management into our cloud services. Deploying an update onto all of your devices is only a single click away.

  • Fast Deployment of Devices Linked to your Fleet
  • Built-In Tasks Ready to Rollout with a Single Click
  • Over-the-Air Updates with Rollback
  • Telemetry for Monitoring Devices in the Field
  • AI Prompt and Many More Services to Come

Support for Specialized Devices

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Board Support to Get Your Project Going

Whether it’s an off-the-shelf device that you are building upon or a custom one-of-a-kind, Hivetop can support you with its ecosystem.

  • Different boards appear unified in the UI
  • Heterogeneous device groups can be managed easily
  • Visualise Reports from Multiple Data Sets

We've got you covered

Features built-in allowing you to focus on your product, while being fast and compliant.

Deploy Easily

Device Images Securely Linked to your account. At the click of a button receive an image that is ready to boot and deploy your new application


Analyse the status of your devices and be informed of issues before they impact your clients

Audit Trail

Built-in record of projects, transactions, user activity as required by strict QA and Medical Industries

OTA Integrated

Over-the-Air Update Capabilities are included from the beginning (and not left as an afterthought)

Up-to-date Devices

Right to repair and device update regulations. It’s not only clients expecting more from their devices, EU directives will begin to enfore this

GDPR Compliance

Hivetop is based in Europe and is GDPR compliant. All data is hosted in Germany

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Be faster, be compliant

Hivetop Ecosystem providing you tools for your next project, so you can focus on your end product

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