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alpico rebrands as Hivetop

Tim Potié
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Hi to all our supporters. The past year has been incredible and we want to thank our early supporters that have made it possible! Your support and feedback has guided and shaped us in a profound way!

We have some big news, as you may have already seen, we are rebranding. We are now known as Hivetop. Secure Cloud Connectivity for Highly-Regulated Devices.

What’s behind a name?

We have received great support and interest from highly-regulated domains such as MedTech (Health, Labs, BioTech), Automotive, and Industrial (Mining, Production) - industries we previously did shy away from due to their stringent requirements. We have since been contacted by companies who wish to overcome the unique challenges posed by these requirements. They want modern features such as OTA updates, remote device maintenance & notification of issues before they impact clients. With alpico, we had a generalized offering, but it did not suit the industries that needed our solution the most. Hivetop targets markets with high regulation specifically and distinguishes itself through compliance, security and simplicity. Behind such a change, we wanted to reflect this with our name.

Hivetop is the central hub to your connected devices

One easy-to-use interface allowing you to control and maintain complex devices out in the field.

Thanks for the support so far! We look forward to accompanying you and simplifying your next project.

(The name Hivetop is also a wink to all developers that have used the well known tool htop, an interface to your PC. Hivetop is the connected interface to your devices)

Interested in learning more?

Reach out to us online! Or meet us in person:

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