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Fast Deploy Video Challenge

Jonas Seidemann
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Who doesn’t love it: You want to set up a new device you just got (like the brand new Raspberry Pi 5), but are immediately frustrated with the time and steps you need to put into making it work.

Things get especially tricky, if you don’t want to plug in a keyboard and mouse into your device everytime you want to make some small changes (sometimes that’s not even possible). The alternatives, setting up some update tool or a remote connection, can be painful and time consuming.

We faced these problems as well, and set ourselves a fun little challenge: Is it possible for us to deploy a device with update services in less than a minute?

Picture this: in less time than it takes to make a sandwich, we’re slinging operating systems onto embedded devices and enrolling them into our cloud services. Blink, and you might miss it – but don’t worry, we’ve got a replay button.

Fast Deploy Challenge Video

Phew, breaking world records is tough!

To achieve this, we used our very own cloud services, but we also had to

It took us weeks to get here but we are very happy to have made it through the challenge.

The video was a lot of fun for all of us and we hope to break our own record soon. Maybe you can be the next record holder as well, using our MVP that we just released to the public! The clock is ticking, the devices are waiting, and the record is begging to be broken. Ready, set, deploy!

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