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Our Mission

We're a team that wants to make embedded development simpler. By providing the ecosystem to allow quicker code deployment to embedded devices which is manageable through an online UI (all while remaining compliant) - this allows teams to focus on their end product instead of reinventing or wrestling with the current tools. We can't wait to see what products will result from more focused teams.

  • Simplify Embedded Development
  • Easy to Manage UI
  • Compliancy and Reliability
  • Doing this with a smile

Founding Team

Tim Potié

Tim Potié


Astrazeneca Eurotunnel Johnson Controls

(it was windy the day of the photo!)

Ari Breitkreuz

Ari Breitkreuz


Technische Universitaet Muenchen Agile Robots Fortiss

Jonas Seidemann

Jonas Seidemann


Technische Universitaet Berlin Sparda

Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert

Prof. Jean-Pierre Seifert


Technische Universitaet Berlin

Chair of Security and Telecommunications

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Be faster, be compliant

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